Saturday, February 15, 2014

The leftists either don't remember the warning

or don't think it'll ever apply to them: "When you want a law, you'd better imagine it being enforced by your worst enemy."  So they cheer Obama and Schumer and the IRS doing this crap, and when it gets turned against them they're going to be seriously bent out of shape.  And I'm going to remind every one of them I can that "You asked for it."

You can argue with just about any and all diet advice; what I've gone with the last few years is from my daughter: "The closer it is to real food, the better."  So I stopped using shortening and margarine and use butter and lard and olive oil.  Eat a lot less bread and such than I used to.  Since I started that, every time I've had a physical the results that come back from the lab have had a note from the doc: "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it."

Damn near impossible to avoid all the processed stuff, so I look at labels and try to avoid anything they've dumped soy into(for instance).  Daughter has nasty reaction to soy, and has trouble finding canned goods and such without it.  Start checking labels for it and corn syrup, they're in damn near EVERYTHING.

During three days of voting, the UAW repeatedly complained of outsiders trying to influence and intimidate VW workers into voting against joining the union.
Imagine that. Outsiders coming in where they're not wanted. Stirring up trouble and intimidating people. The poor UAW wouldn't know anything about that, would they?


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