Thursday, May 08, 2014

Is this what finally causes Britain to tell the EUnuchs

to piss off?  We'll see.
George Osborne has promised to mount a new legal challenge to a European Union financial transactions tax after 11 countries, led by France and Germany, agreed to introduce the levy by 2016.

The Chancellor threatened new legal action, after a pre-emptive challenge was rejected last Wednesday, if Britain was asked to collect revenues for other European governments from taxes on transactions carried out in the City of London.

With a title like Yuppie, get your gun, I don't think Politico likes them.
Of course, these people are talking about taking up arms to defend their country; and them not wanting a communist overlord makes them Evil.

Tom Kratman has opinions on the M16 family; they're not friendly.

An opinion on the "Only the Politically-Correct Author should be eligible for our awards!" bullcrap.

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Marja said...

This situation with science fiction - as usual, one can find something suitable from TV tropes. Looks like the 'official' fandom, that part which is most vocal and has taken over the institutions and awards during the last couple of decades rather fits this mold (this talks about fans of specific TV shows etc, but when it fits it fits :D ):

Toxic Missionary:

This one has an idea of True Art as a method of education, and not necessarily an entertaining one. The Toxic Missionary may criticize the frothier parts of the show for detracting from the all-important message. Their version of Complaining about People Not Liking the Show is that their show ought to make people feel uncomfortable, at least on first impression; it's a pill they ought to be taking along with the mindless entertainment they seem to prefer. Admittedly, many an Author Tract is trying to produce missionaries to spread its message, but Toxic Missionaries can be seen even in fanbases of shows with no apparent Writer on Board. Like the Toxic Visionary, these latter cases are all-too-often guilty of seeing things which aren't there, and are often guilty of over-subscribing to the idea that they should stick it to the man. As such, they hate the Rule-Abiding Rebel with a passion and live in constant terror of their favourite show being perceived as one, fairly or otherwise.

Fan dumb, the highbrow version: A fan who is convinced that he is so much more sophisticated and intelligent than those around him.

Not going to put the link here, but if anyone wants to lose a few hours (or days) just google tv tropes, fan dumb. That place is a total time sink.