Wednesday, May 07, 2014

If you've got a son, grandson or other who's about to go to college,

you'd better pass this on; seems Obama & Co. and a lot of universities really don't like that 'innocent until proven guilty' thing, at least when a man is accused by a woman.
School officials are also encouraged to substitute a “single investigator” model for a hearing process, which seems a prescription for injustice. As the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education points out, pursuant to this model, “a sole administrator would be empowered to serve as detective, judge and jury, affording the accused no chance to challenge his or her accuser’s testimony.”
These “reforms” exacerbate an already dangerously unreliable approach to evaluating charges of assault. In 2011, the Department of Education issued guidelines requiring colleges and universities to employ a minimal “preponderance of evidence” standard in cases involving allegations of harassment or violence. This is the lowest possible standard of proof, which merely requires discerning a 50.01 percent chance that a charge is more likely than not to be true. It facilitates findings of guilt, which will be merited in some cases, and not others. For students wrongly accused, the consequences of a guilty finding can be as dire as a not guilty finding for students actually victimized.

More here; add this to the reasons some guys don't want to go to college.

This sounds good:
As gun-control proponents work to expand background checks on private sales of firearms, a House member angling for the Senate has introduced an expansion of excluded weapons to be classified as antique firearms.

Rep. Bill Cassidy’s (R-La.) bill would strike the year 1898 from U.S. Code and instead make the cutoff for an antique firearm 1913.

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