Thursday, May 08, 2014

Yes, children, Dr. Micheal Mann is a crooked bastard

Regarding the Hockey Stick of IPCC 2001 evidence now indicates, in my view, that an IPCC Lead Author working with a small cohort of scientists, misrepresented the temperature record of the past 1000 years by (a) promoting his own result as the best estimate, (b) neglecting studies that contradicted his, and (c) amputating another's result so as to eliminate conflicting data and limit any serious attempt to expose the real uncertainties of these data.
Why, whoever wrote this?
Who is this fellow Christy? Well, he's a professor at the University of Alabama and the guy who devised the satellite temperature record. But more to the point he's also an IPCC Lead Author. And, in fact, an IPCC Lead Author on the very same chapter of the report that Mann was an IPCC Lead Author on.
Not exactly a anti-science right-wing denier, huh?

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