Sunday, May 04, 2014

Kevin's right; even for The Guardian, this level of error is-

well, friggin' amazing.
A plan by President Barack Obama to close a loophole which allows Americans to buy weapons such as machine guns, grenades and sawn-off shotguns without undergoing background checks is set to be delayed, due to intense opposition from the NRA and other anti-gun-control activists.
You mean the stuff covered under the National Firearms Act of 1934?  Which requires an anal exam from the FBI and ATF- AFTER you pay the tax- to get a permit for?
An executive action announced by the White House last year said that all members of legally certified trusts buying or receiving federally regulated weapons would need to identify themselves by submitting photographs, fingerprints and a signed approval from a local law-enforcement chief to US authorities.
Sweet bloody Morrigan on a teeter-totter, do these idiots check ANYTHING before publishing?  EVERY BIT OF THAT- pics, prints and all- is covered under that act that's been in effect since 1934.  

And that's just the first two paragraphs... 

Update: I am reminded by riverrider that that's for individuals; the rules on a trust are different.  Some information on it here(thanks to Uncle for the link).

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riverrider said...

um, no not for trusts. trusts are like corporations, not an individual. you can't fingerprint a trust. there is no back ground to check. it costs a little bit of cash, but its easy to set up one and buy whatever you want thru it. when you die it goes to the peple left in the trust. what the pisser is, is that no weapon in a trust has EVER been used in a crime.