Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hey, Officer Unfriendly: Well Done!

Scared-to-death parents, terrified kids who're having nightmares, their home torn up; all because you don't have the brains or care to keep this from happening:
Turns out they were looking for a man who apparently had moved out of the house a year before the family moved in.
Isn't that just a WONDERFUL display of professionalism?  But fear, not, I'm sure THIS will make it alllll better:
Police didn’t comment about the raid, saying it’s part of an ongoing investigation, but the chief of police is reportedly set to reach out to the family.
Yeah, that and another stuffed animal will make it all go away.

Attention, the fucking morons in the Kalamazoo PD SWAT team:
Did it EVER occur to any of you to make sure the bad guy ACTUALLY LIVES THERE before you put on your ninja suits and ran out to kick in the doors?

I will give you this: if there were any family pets, at least you didn't chase them down and kill them.

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