Thursday, May 08, 2014

"Open carry is an ACT OF INTIMIDATION!"

Or, of you're not a pants-wetting hoplophobe, more comfortable carry.  Especially in hot places.

The guy who wrote the "Take your 'Check you Privilege!' and shove it" piece?  That pissed the leftists off even worse.

Well done, sir!

I don't know either, what IS a 'forward-leaning pistol grip'?
For example, Gunn Barrett said a forward-leaning pistol grip might give a mass shooter better control over his rifle.

“The gun is still lethal,” Gunn Barrett said. “Yes, it can still kill people. But it is not as easy to manipulate and fire accurately than it would be if you had a forward-leaning pistol grip.”
So Barrett is the new McCarthy; not a good thing to emulate, you ignorant clown.

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Anonymous said...

"...more comfortable carry. Especially in hot places."

As a big sweaty guy my carbon steel guns certainly don't enjoy concealed carry.