Thursday, May 08, 2014

If this is how the professionals do it,

I'll stay amateur, thankyouverymuch...
Witnesses said the early morning shooting scene resembled something out of the “wild, wild west,” and that the two men in the car were alive after the first volley of gunfire. Two cops were also hit in the shooting, in the arm, with one also being grazed in the head. Both men, Montesano and his passenger, Corsini Valdes, not accused of any crime, were killed.
They fired 377 rounds, and shot hell out of the neighborhood as well as the two deceased and each other.

And the two in the car were unarmed.

Senior commanders admit they are very lucky more officers weren’t seriously hurt or killed. Even more haunting is the danger the residents in the area faced. At the time of the shooting, parents were getting their kids ready for school and across the street men and women stood exposed on a Metrorail platform.
To put it bluntly, No shit those people were lucky.  And I'd be interested in knowing how many buildings and other cars had holes in them.


B said...

Dude, 10 years go, the sherriff had a shootout with 2 escaped prisoners.

SHot up the car. 184 rounds (or something like that) from 5 cops.

No hits on the prisoners, lucklily a rural truck stop, so no opne got shot.

5 trucks hit, but only something like 20 of the 180+ actually hit the car the escapees were in.


Anonymous said...

Every round issued to a cop comes with a deposit.

Every slug they can't find costs the department $10 million.