Monday, May 05, 2014

The Vermont legislature is all butthurt

about the Citizens United decision, so they want to change the 1st Amendment.  To 'get money out of politics'.
Three guesses as to whether they'd get money from, say, George Soros out of it.

This kind of thing is why I now have a label of 'Nutcase-level feminism'.

Holocaust remembrance week: How armed Jews saved lives

You may have heard that Dear Leader wants to allow tolls to be charged on interstate highways.  You can imagine what I thought when I first read that.  Then saw this, read
Instead, they’re looking to increase revenue in other, less obvious ways. and my first thought was  "Putting toll booths on I40 is 'less obvious'?"  Ah, but then I realized:
"Citizens, of course you can travel the interstate highways freely!  You simply have to buy a prepaid TravelPass™ card first!  It will automatically pay the tolls as you pass a reader(and give us a record of where you go, and when, but let's not worry about that)!"

Wonder what more they'll find when the start using this in the Americas?


Keith said...

How long before the transponder chip code for the eazy-pass is hacked and cloned?

Firehand said...

Ah, I can see it now:
"Where has the subject been?"
"Sir, depending on which trace is his, either Albuquerque, Dallas, or Kansas City. Oops, here's one heading towards Louisiana!"