Thursday, May 08, 2014

One more idiot who wants to 'fix' the 2nd Amendment

for the two standard 'Stop violence!' and 'It won't work anymore' arguments.
And this crap from a naturalized citizen:
A major part of the "problem," according to Sanghoee, is Americans' "blind adherence to the Constitution." That, evidently, is a favorite theme of Sanghoee's, who once commented (in response to pushback against yet another of his "gun control" screeds) that, "People need to get off their literal following of the constitution [sic] for every single thing," apparently believing that we should treat the guarantees of our fundamental human rights, as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, as figures of speech.
Well, if this place is so bad why don't you return from wherever it was you got away from?  Screw you Sanghoee.

Two things I'll point to from this post on the internal enemy:
...Using scarce and antiquated equipment, and relying on small units led by some excellent lieutenants, captains, and majors, the Guatemalans had developed their own anti-insurency doctrine and tactics, and were winning. It was tough, brutal fighting, and niceties were not often observed by either side; the guerrillas were on the run and barely kept alive largely thanks to the life-line from Mexico.
(personal aside: doesn't that make Mexico flatly an external enemy?  Seems so to me)
...As a then relatively young officer, I was taken aback at how Americans, including members of Congressional staff, could be so anti-American and so pro-communist. It was a shock that made me understand that the Democratic Party had gotten on the bus to Loopyville and never gotten off. They wanted the communist guerrillas to win.

Home invasion burglars get killed; families insist "They shouldn't have gotten hurt", etc.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Sanghoee,is obviously from India or Pakistan or one of those elite "First world" countries.