Monday, February 03, 2014

Tab clearing

Why keep buying weed illegally in Colorado?  "I don't want to wind up on a list."  Which, all things considered, sounds reasonable to me.  And takes something away from that 'legalize and tax it and illegal use will dry up' argument.

More of that history that lots of leftists don't want to know/think about/remember.

Michael Mann truly is full of crap.  And producing far too much CO2 himself.  And someone else has called him on it.

Of course the Laddites lie; it's what they do.

"Of course I'm on your side!  Don't pay attention to all the billionaires lined up behind me, stuffing money in my pockets."

I think stop & frisk was a 4th Amendment violation.  Doesn't change that "Well, New York, you voted for it and you're going to get it.  Good and hard and with no lube."

"Only communism can save the environment!"  Right.

...he was perhaps the last man alive to say that he supported Hitler, Stalin, and Ho Chi Minh. That’s quite the totalitarian trifecta.

Union thugs working to move into Tennessee.

Yeah, never heard about this before.  Reality hits one of the clowns on The View:
“I never wanted a gun in my house, but the sight of my son laying there going, ‘Mommy, I’m scared.’ That’s when you realize the only thing you got is a wicker trash basket between me and anybody that comes in this room and it was a scary thought,” she explained.
Welcome to 'When seconds count the police are minutes away' reality, Ms. Sheppard.

Let's see, who's been running Detroit all these years?

True.  If son was planning on college after he gets out of the Army, I'd advise him to be very damned careful what college he chooses.

Yeah, MDA wants it both ways.  A kid is dead, thanks to their meddling a father is on its way to trial for murder but they “feel” for the family. What is next? Kill the family dog and burn their house on a fit of empathy?

These are sick, sadistic women.


Sigivald said...

And takes something away from that 'legalize and tax it and illegal use will dry up' argument.

Well, to be fair, the worry about "a list" here is because it's not really legalized, since the Feds still ban it.

"Partial legal" is, while a useful step towards "legal", also an extremely dubious grey area that I don't blame anyone for not wanting to get too involved with.

Firehand said...

True enough, on both counts.