Wednesday, February 05, 2014

"But it's for the CHILDRREEEENNNNNN!"

As it happens, this column has discussed Dr. Flood before. At an anti-gun rally in St. Louis late last March, Flood advocated a Constitutional amendment, the "Children's Rights Amendment," to "counterbalance" the Second and Fourteenth Amendments (see accompanying video):
If meaningful legislation doesn't result from all these efforts, then I ask everyone to consider a Constitutional amendment supporting the rights of children in this country. The Children's Rights Amendment, or the CRA, would allow a more solid legal foundation to so-called [sic] counterbalance the interpretation of the Second and Fourteenth Amendments, as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court.
As we discussed then, the impetus behind this amendment appears to have come from another St. Louis area pediatrician, Dr. Jeremy Garrett, who writes that the Second Amendment "will continue to impede the drafting of reasonable laws addressing this national crisis [violence against children]," until the U.S. Constitution is adapted according to his vision, explains that "the key to this concept" is within Section 3 of the amendment:
Section 3. The best interest of the child will take primary consideration and will supersede all existing laws and amendments that otherwise could endanger the safety and welfare of children.

 Three guesses who he plans on deciding what's 'endangering the safety and welfare'.  And who'll decide what's 'in the best interest'...

Why do people have problems with a doctor asking "Do you own any guns?"  Because of clowns like this.

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Sigivald said...

James Madison et al. would be spinning in their graves over this nutbag ... if anyone took him seriously.