Friday, February 07, 2014

"No scandal at the IRS" my ass (#I can't keep track)

From then on applications were routed through the offices of Mrs. Lerner and Obama-appointed IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, and long approval delays ensued. Extensive interviews and emails show that neither the initial Cincinnati interest, nor the subsequent Washington delay, was in any way driven by “confusion.”
That's the chief counsel that visited the White House more than a hundred times, yet Obama claims he never spoke with him.  At all.  Right.

 And if you had any thoughts that the new IRS director might actually want to deal with this,
Mr. Koskinen promised in December to restore public trust in the IRS, but he didn’t do much of that on Wednesday. He toed the Administration line on the new 501(c)(4) rules, promising to address concerns only “to the extent I have any control” over the process. He refused to say if he’d comply with Mr. Camp’s request for IRS and Treasury documents pertaining to the rule-making, fretting instead about low IRS “morale” and lack of funding.
I repeat: cut their damned budget.  By a big chunk.  He wants to whine about having to obey the law and requests, start cutting until he starts cooperating.

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