Thursday, February 06, 2014

I have no idea why I didn't think to link to Cody Lundin's blog before,

but well worth looking over.  I still think the man's an idiot for going barefoot no matter what or where, but no question he has a HUGE knowledge of survival.

The UN is getting all hot & bothered about accusing the Vatican of not sufficiently caring about children.
Or maybe it's just that the molesting priests weren't UN personnel; THEN they'd be protected.

From the People's Democratic Republic of Californicated: A man had his guns confiscated over a misdemeanor drug conviction... in 1970. Of course, the police returned them a few weeks later, once they figured out he was allowed to have them. These are the people who are targets of gun control -- the honest citizens trying to follow the law. Not the criminals who are killing people.

There actually are some Evil Party members who have a problem with administration weenies lying to Congress.
In the video snip below, he’s questioning James Clapper about warrantless searches. Please note that the last time these two crossed paths, Wyden asked him if the NSA was spying on Americans and Clapper said, unreservedly, NO. Then Edward Snowden’s document drop hit the fan and revealed that Clapper had committed perjury. Unfortunately, the Committee isn’t pursuing that, but as you’ll see, Clapper is walking a fine line with Wyden.

Williamson puts it 'This is why honest feminists have a hard time being taken seriously'.  Pretty much.
“While it appears that this statue of a nearly naked, older white man with outstretched arms is an art installation, it does not provide our community with any of the value that art is traditionally intended to add,” wrote student Zoe Magid in the petition. The statue had “become a source of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault for many members of our campus community,” reads Magid’s petition.
Translation: "We are strong women, but we must be protected from even a STATUE of a male!  This campus is for WOMEN, and we're scared of this figure."

Be it noted: Williamson checked out the 'panic over 'no gun' signs' story, and the principal isn't being a jerk; she's DEALING with a lot of them.

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Anonymous said...

Remember when John Ashcroft was complaining about the naked statues behind him in all of his press photos and wanted them covered?

Oh how everyone laughed at his prudery.