Tuesday, February 04, 2014

"We need to be able to track your car(and control it, but

let's not talk about that); it's for Safety!"
Bullcrap.  It's for control.
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx wants the tech in all cars for the purpose of averting traffic accidents,the AP reports. The devices would allow cars to essentially talk to each other.
The Department of Transportation plans to propose the rule, which would essentially track the location of every new car, before the end of President Obama’s final term in office.
And the .gov would NEVER abuse that information, oh no...

So we'll need to find the antenna so we can disconnect their spy setup if this goes through.  Bastards.

When some farging bureaucrat states “the children belong to all of us.”, it's time to start heating up the tar and gather feathers.

Also note the lie that "...opponents of Common Core are against any academic standards". Because lying is what progressives do best.

Well,  Lt. J. Paul Vance, YES you're responsible to tell these companies if the rifles are compliant; it's part of you effing JOB, you bastard.  And your miserable little statist boss Malloy is
A: Trying to ban guns without calling it that, and
B: setting himself AND YOU up for one hell of a lawsuit.
And I hope you both choke on it.

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