Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Have a friend who is- well, 'hostile toward religion'

is the mild way to put it.  At times it spills over into hostility toward religion* and anybody who has religious beliefs.  Downright bitter at times.

When Hobby Lobby filed against Obamacare because of the demand that they provide funding for abortions and abortifacients, let's say he had a hard time understanding why anyone would have a problem with it.  "They don't have to provide it, all they've got to do is sign-off on having the insurance cover it!"  That they would not, and did not believe they should be forced by the government, to provide this because of their religious beliefs either made no sense to him or he refused to understand it.

Pointed out that 'You don't have to provide it, you just have to PAY for it' is nothing more than a politicians veil trying to hide corruption, he either refused to or could not understand it.  Finally, couple of months later he'd thought about it and agreed that forcing them to pay for abortions was understandable but not paying for RU486, well, that was just wrong!  Until I pulled up the fact that RU486 IS an abortifacient.  He still doesn't like it, but I think more understands their insistence that "We will not pay for these things."

Of course, there are still the other people out there insisting the only reason they don't want to pay for it is the money, or because they 'hate women', or 'hate Obama', or whatever bullshit reason their brains come up with.  Which brings me to what started this: this piece at Seraphic Secret.  With this at the end:
ObamaCare is the willful dismemberment of the finest health care system the world has ever known, a first step in nationalizing the  insurance industry, and  a dagger to the heart of of religion and religious people.
This paragraph leaped out at me.
It’s also a worrying precedent. As the National Jewish Commission on Law and Public Affairs urged in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, if Hobby Lobby can be forced to provide abortifacients, then observant Jewish employers (if incorporated) could be forced to open on Saturdays, serve non-kosher food, or engage in other practices that violated the consciences of the owners.
Exactly.  And I think that, for some of the Obamacare pushers, this is one of the ends they seek.  Most 'progressives' seem to be quite hostile toward religion in general(when they're not it's a means to an end, not something they actually care about), and- like the same-sex couples who wanted the .gov to force the photographer to shoot their wedding and force the baker to make their cake, they want to be able to force the religious to dump all their beliefs if they conflict with the Vision of the Anointed.

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Anonymous said...

"...the demand that they provide funding for abortions and abortifacients..."

And they should be forced to pay for my ammo: "But guns KILL PEOPLE!!!!"