Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Why you're not officer friendly anymore(Reason #137):

Because you're abusive power-hungry heavy-handed lying assholes who happen to hide behind badges while endangering lives.
Justin Ross of Des Moines, Iowa told local TV station WHO 13 that police from nearby Ankeny might’ve shot him after using a battering ram to enter his mother’s home executing a warrant over alleged credit card fraud.
Ankeny police tell us they knocked first, but the video shows one officer pounding on the side of the house and seconds later, officers use a battering ram to force their way in.
The video also shows an officer destroying a security camera outside the home. Another officer is seen on the surveillance video (seen as part of WHO 13’s segment here) covering another camera inside the home.

No word on whether Des Moines police, in whose jurisdiction the incident took place, is investigating.
Yeah, what the HELL were they doing serving a warrant OUTSIDE THEIR JURISDICTION?

Sue every damned one of them.  AND the idiot in the black robe who signed the warrant.

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