Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From across the pond, in response to my post on gun bigots

and hoplophobes(the one yesterday):
I've lived through three doses of gun confiscation in the country thats legal system spawned that of the united state.

1987 1998 1999
Semi auto centrefire rifles
centrefire pistols
rimfire pistols

amongst my neighbours, one had his guns confiscated a couple of weeks back - firing a gun within 50 feet of the centre of a road

another had the cops armed response unit visit him last summer - a neighbour's cat had been hit with an airgun pellet.

a few years back, another neighbour fell through a shed roof, breaking both his legs, so the cops arrived and confiscated his guns

also a few years back, another neighbour returned from visiting his quack to find an armed response unit waiting for him - to take his guns away.

I had a cops at the door a few weeks back, checking up on me, and seeing that all my guns are safely locked away. - but I'm stupid enough to be on their lists, so they know where to come.

expect to get the same with knobs on it if the legislation goes through. if, like me, you're stupid enough to be on a list.

And never forget, they really, BADLY want that list made.  So they can use it just this way.

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