Thursday, April 18, 2013

Awww, the celebritutes are outraged

that some Senators listened to the voters; Jennifer still has the best response:

And now, more stuff coming out about Benghazi; unfortunately, my first thought is "What will the White House try to distract us with now?"

The Temple, TX PD responds to the problems caused by an officer pulling an ordinance out of his ass: "We're not talking."

Apparently Schumer is running around saying 'Buying a gun over the internet bypasses the NICS check.'  He damn well knows better, but it's a lie he really wants to push.

I've got to borrow this from Tam:
Barry's so cute when he's angry. 

I would have given my right arm for press credentials and the first question, just so I could have asked: "Mr. President! Mr. President! Who's the sad clown? Awww, who's the sad clown?" 

Team Gun Control is positively frothing on Facebook. If I had a car that ran on hippie tears, I'd be set for years.

Lots of other noise out there, but I have laundry to do.

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