Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm not sure if they'd class as a gun bigot or hoplophobe, maybe a combination thereof:

I have now been informed that
If I believe politicians when they say they want to confiscate guns, I'm paranoid.

If I object to 'universal background checks', I should be first in line for mental testing.

Insurance should be required on each gun: Yes, Insurance WiLL Cut down on Criminal use. If proof of Insurance is Mandatory for a Weapon to be in Public, with ALL Uninsured Weapons going into the Grinder, soon, they'll be too precious to Lose 0r lose track of. Might take a decade or two. But it will work.
Because bad guys A: Obey the law and B: would NEVER think of smuggling guns in, that being illegal and all...

Been interesting.  Appeals to authority(I WORK in mental health, I know what paranoid is!), appeals to I'm descended from some of the first settlers in America!, etc. ad Bullshit.
Oh, and all you have a right to is a musket or blunderbuss, 'cause there were no rifles or pistols or shotguns back then, and...  At this point I have to go with hoplophobia and gun bigotry really being mental disorders. Nasty ones.


Keith said...


I've lived through three doses of gun confiscation in the country thats legal system spawned that of the united state.

1987 1998 1999
Semi auto centrefire rifles
centrefire pistols
rimfire pistols

ammongst my neighbours, one had his guns confiscated a couple of weeks back - firing a gun within 50 feet of the centre of a road

another had the cops armed response unit visit him last summer - a neighbour's cat had been hit with an airgun pellet.

a few years back, another neighbour fell through a shed roof, breaking both his legs, so the cops arrived and confiscated his guns

also a few years back, another neighbour returned from visiting his quack to find an armed response unit waiting for him - to take his guns away.

I had a cops at the door a few weeks back, checking up on me, and seeing that all my guns are safely locked away. - but I'm stupid enough to be on their lists, so they know where to come.

expect to get the same with knobs on it if the legislation goes through. if, like me, you're stupid enough to be on a list.

strangely enough, those with their own mental problems seem to gravitate towards psychology, psychiatry and psychi nursing - just as those with authoriteh problems seem to gravitate towards the cop station.

Firehand said...

I'm going to post part of this; it needs to be spread around.

Keith said...


I've been trying to get the message across to people your side of the pond for the past 7 years.

plenty of times people (not you!) have come back with variations of the following

"this is America, not britain"

"It'll never happen here"

"You let it happen so you deserve it"

"our constitution says..."

I hope the message sinks in with sufficeint people before it is too late

The socialists keep coming back again and again, the 1988 act was first floated as a "green paper" (proposed legislation) by the bureautwats in 1973, it was rejected at that time - but they came back and kept on coming back.

It never ends, and since 1920 (in britain) its only been going one way.

thanks again

Windy Wilson said...
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Windy Wilson said...

As I've said before, if the Second Amendment only applies to blackpowder muskets, the First Amendment only applies to stump speeches, quill pens and wine-press style printing presses. Any other result is special pleading for no articulable reason.
I doubt they'd want to give up the Democratic Underground and the Daily Kos for the elimination of the Second Amendment (but I'll bet the "elites" are salivating at the thought).