Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just looked at this Hill article Insty linked to,

and it's a statement of what a disaster for Obama this vote is, followed by
Blame the gun lobby. Blame Republicans. Blame a handful of skittish Democrats who gave the GOP cover. Blame the entire band of demagogues who killed the modest attempt to close loopholes in a law requiring background checks for guns.

Blame them, too, for jeopardizing President Obama’s entire legislative agenda. That was the point, anyhow, right?
From which they proceed to push every 'The NRA lied, Paul lied, most people wanted this' talking point.  And near the end there's this:
What if voters who support the Second Amendment and commonsense gun regulation get angry at Congress for ignoring them?
They really, really push that 'whatever Obama wanted was commonsense, it's just all those rednecks and racists and obstructionists lying about it!' crap.

Like I asked someone the other day, "If 90% of the people WANT this background check/registration system, why would Congress have a problem voting for it?  They're not that scared of the NRA and the other groups."
I think what really pisses them off is the number of Democrats and RINOs who are not scared/respectful/kiss-ass enough of Obama to go against all the voters telling them "I don't care what Obama promised you, we will throw your ass out of that office if you vote for this."

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Titan Mk6B said...

I just don't believe the 90% figure they spout about background checks. Especially the background check that would have resulted from that bill.

My wife and I both laughed at how mad our asswhole in chief was when he was speaking about the failure of the amendments yesterday.