Monday, April 15, 2013

Well, crap

Multiple bombs during the Boston Marathon.


markshere2 said...

This answers hillary's question of "What does it matter?"

Remember her getting all belligerent instead of answering the question of who are we going to hold responsible for the death of an American Ambassador and 3 others?

I do.
I also remember Barack Hussein Obama bowing to the king of Saudi arabia. Way to send a message of strength, there skippy.

OOOH I got a great idea, lets arm the muslim brotherhood in Egypt with top of the line desert battle tanks!

That will show them we really mean some kind of business.

I lay this at the feet of all democrat voters and the US media for pushing Barry O into another term.

Keith said... ?

We've seen plenty of agent provocateur entrapments - both sides of the Atlantic, to know a a couple of the "groups" in the business of planning these sorts of things.

To who's benefit?

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