Friday, April 19, 2013

Was listening to the news as murderer #2 was captured,

and the station being a Fox affiliate, I discovered
O'Reilly really is a pain in the ass, and
Geraldo is even more of a jerk than I'd remembered.  Statist bastard, too: he wants to see cameras on every corner of every street of every 'major' city.  Screw that.

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Keith said...

I have an acquaintance who does analytical work looking for patterns in crimminal activity for a state agency (not British)

chatting over a cup of tea (about 80 cups...) at the time when there was a love lorne, steroid fuelled body builder hunting cops in Britain...

we were discussing cameras, as cctv footage of the critter were being found 10 days and more after he'd been places.

The guy's general response were that cameras are cheap to put up, but it is impossible to monitor all the data coming from them,

I said I'd heard the statistic that in the Met area (London) the average was one prosecution per 100,000 cameras per year

guy reckoned that even that stat was over optimistic, and those prosecutions were likely for putting your bin out on the wrong day, or parking offences.

He said when there is an actual known crime, say a break in, then the crooks are all dressed in baggy clothes, hoodies (likely with bulky jackets on under them) and baseball caps pulled down, so the description will be

"Male; 15 to 35 years, medium to heavy build"

which is pretty distinctive (not).

In summary - cameras are eye wash