Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well, in a twisted way, it makes sense

Icky, but sense.

Couple of other thoughts on DHS buying so much ammo, this including something I hadn't considered: money laundering.
Well, Napolitano is apparently thinking of running for Pres...

Got a comment on the post noting the Marines marching with no bolts in their rifles, what think you?
On the SS "no bolts" thing -- I've seen lots of credible comments that disabled weapons has been the standard for 20 years, but they normally do it by removing the firing pins.

That leads me to believe that the Marines did this, to make it perfectly plain to the world that their weapons were disabled. I think this was a silent protest.

I personally think that the Marines have been in a cold war with the White House since Benghazi (when the White House refused to let them assist), and the sacking of GEN Ham and GEN Mattis are part of this war. I also heard that various staff officer level Marines were going unit to unit prior to the election, "educating" the Marines there on what is an is not a lawful order and how to handle people issuing unlawful orders. I think this thing goes very, very deep


DJMoore said...

I am praying this is true, that all those Marines were staging a protest against their CinC. The alternative is too humiliating.

I admit I seriously doubt The 0ne would know the difference, and I think that lends credibility.

The Freeholder said...

I do hope you're right. I have the uneasy sense that time is short.