Monday, February 11, 2013

Some interesting information and analysis

on the bad guy in the Californicated mess.

Assuming he's actually in the hills trying not to dehydrate and freeze, this probably won't last long.  I doubt he has any real hunting/survival in the cold skills, and without those and the gear, you're going to run down fast.

Yes, it's possible he stashed/stole a vehicle and is somewhere else, or had some cold-weather gear and food with him; if so, it's the only real pre-planning he did, from what I can tell.

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Phelps said...

He's long gone in another vehicle. The bloodhounds tracked his scent to a forestry road, and then lost it abruptly. That means he got into another vehicle.

I think the Riverside ambush was only done to make a straight-line arrow to Big Bear. From there, he knew he could torch his truck (needed to happen anyway) and they would be stuck up there for weeks, wasting resources, and more importantly, will.

Why did he hit them so soon? Simple. He heard on his weather radio that the snowstorm was coming and knew he couldn't camp up there anymore, so it was time to lead them on a wild goosechase while he goes to a new bolthole.