Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Does arrogant and stupid run in the Biden family?

or are they all wannabe tyrants?
This time it is Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, sending out mandates to commissioners informing them that their sheriffs no longer have arrest powers. In an opinion released Feb. 24, State Solicitor L.W. Lewis said that neither the state nor the common law grants arrest powers to the county sheriffs.

 Every answer I can think of to 'Why?' involves grabbing power and- with the current situation- trying to keep sheriffs in Delaware from following the line of a lot of others: "Try to enforce unconstitutional laws and we'll arrest you."

(yeah, this is from a short time ago, somehow I forgot to post it.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

Not all states have a common view of what a Sheriff is. Pennsylvania's Sheriff's departments do not have arrest powers either. They guard courthouses and serve warrants as directed by a judge, but unless they see you commit a felony right in front of them, they can't touch you. Funny enough, that's the exact same powers as a normal citizen has.

Just because they call it the same thing doesn't mean that it's the same office.