Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sooner or later, some cops kicking doors and shooting dogs in the night

because they have some excuse to do that instead of knock in the daylight and say "We have a warrant" are going to get shot up by some citizen.  And they'll charge him with EVERYTHING and insist "He HAD to know we were police!"  And the citizen's lawyer is going to pull out a list of things like this
Ten armed men stormed into a home early Sunday morning demanding money and drugs.
The home invasion happened at a home in Edinburg around 1:30 a.m.
According to Edinburg Police, the gunmen demanded money and drugs.
An eyewitness told Action 4 News that the suspects were dressed in black shirts that said “S.W.A.T.” on the front.
and ask "And just how were they supposed to KNOW you were the police?"
Especially if it turns out to be another wrong address/wrong person/bullshit 'tip from an informant' raid.

Guys, PLEASE stop this crap.  Use the ninja suits and such for only those situations that actually need it; it'll make things a LOT better all 'round.

"Give me money and when I'm in office I'll take care of you."  This clown should be in jail for soliciting bribes.

I've just had another lesson in the leftist version of Reasoned Discoursetm:
Disagree that Dr. Carson should apologize for speaking his piece, you favor rudeness.
If someone says they think civil war is possible if things continue, that means "You people want a war.  And think shooting people who disagree with you is reasonable."
Point out the error of the previous, and "I see discussion is not welcome.  And since you want a war, I'm scared of you."

Some more thoughts on Gutierrez, the Democratcommunist who admits he wants to go after handguns.

Sheila Jackson Lee is a vile, odious, disgusting, race-baiting piece of crap.
'Freed slave' my ass.
And remember, you nasty bitch, it's YOUR party leader Obama who came up with the sequestration you're so unhappy with.

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Windy Wilson said...

"She [Jackson]called on Republicans to meet Democrats at the negotiating table and rejected the idea that President Obama delivered a partisan State of the Union address Tuesday night."

If Bush had delivered such a speech the cries claiming civil war was upon us for such a divisive speech would have resounded from every newspaper and every "journalist" in America.
And every time I consider how Bush would have been treated I hear them say, "well Bush is Bush. He deserved it", which echos in my mind what Adolf Eichmann said to his captors about gassing children. "But they were Jews!"
But then I guess that's a Godwin's law violation, in spite of the fact that George Bush has been the Left's Jew and Emmanuel Goldstein since he received the Republican nomination in 2000 (maybe earlier, but I don't know for sure).