Saturday, February 16, 2013

What? Hold Sheriff Baca's people to the normal standard?

Why, we can't do that!

According to this, they think the meteor that blasted over Russia weighed about 7,000 tons, and blew somewhere between 18-32 miles up.  And did that.

Imagine the same thing with a different angle going off about 5-10 miles up...

Another Only One who thinks the 2nd Amendment refers to a 'belief' that we're allowed arms... bastard.

Speaking of Only Ones, Elson Morales, Joseph Lawlor and Clive Higgins, all 10-year veterans of the Bridgeport Police Department, should all be fired.  And prosecuted. There is NO DAMNED EXCUSE for this kind of crap.

And how's that gun ban working in (fG)Britain?  Not too well:
Mr Rasul came to Britain in 2003 when the Kurds were being persecuted in their native Iraq.
'I thought it would be safe here, but it isn't, it's very dangerous with crime always going on and lots of bad people around,' he said.
'It's more dangerous here than Iraq because at least there, you knew who your enemies are.'


B said...

the meteor was probably only 7000 POUNDS, not tons. That would put it about the size of a short bus.

Strangely, the media seems to be having issues with the concept of tons vs pounds. Or what, exactly, a ton is,

Firehand said...

I wondered about that weight; seemed awful high.

Of course, we're talking about people who think a Spitfire was a jet, so...

Keith said...

When there was a network of seismographs operating to verify a nuke test treaty, there were a couple of oddities showed up.

It appeared that a couple odd seismic events started at the surface, propagated in a straight line, at around 20 to 30km / second, until they reached the surface again somewhere else on the globe, and ended there.

what it looked like was some sort of bodies - with density simillar to atomic nuclei - rather than conventional atomic matter, say, many thousands (?millions) of tons per cubic inch, hitting the earth and continuing for several thousand km through it and out the other side, without slowing down.

what the hell the stuff is - stable neutronium? stable quark matter?