Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quotes of the day

and some associated thoughts.

First, from this guy,
In a sane nation, "Contempt of Congress" would not be a crime. It would be a Pulitzer Prize category.
 I've had a dream: being called to testify in front of Congress, being threatened with 'Congress, contempt of', and informing the arrogant little bag of tainted excrement "That's not even in question, how could I NOT be in contempt of a corrupt bastard like you?"

Second, found at Kevin's, which also reminded me I hadn't looked at Rachel's place in a few days:
Thank God our heroic president spent more than three million dollars of our money to heroically help our heroic Congress heroically do exactly shit-all.
Connected: the farging assholes just voted- with a few "I can't do it" standouts- to put that miserable bastard Boehner back in as Speaker of the House.  Which brings us back to 'contempt of Congress'.

From over here:
Protip: If you’re a police officer, and you’re told a person with a gun is inside a residence, and no hot pursuit is involved, you need to get a search warrant before, you know, searching! Damn that pesky Constitution!
Which is one of the things that would go away if farging idiots like Kaul and this despicable asshole Seidman had their way of getting rid of that troublesome Constitution.

*Originally it was Swimmer Kennedy; now the list of possibles starts with Schumer and goes on from there.

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