Tuesday, February 12, 2013

David Kaul apparently doesn't like people telling him what they think

of his 'satire'.
Aw, the poor little gun bigot doesn't like it when people react to being called terrorists, and Kaul's wish to torture people to death for not agreeing with him.

Yeah, about those low crime rates in Japan:
Police discourage autopsies that might reveal a higher homicide rate in their jurisdiction, and pressure doctors to attribute unnatural deaths to health reasons, usually heart failure, the group alleges. Odds are, it says, that people are getting away with murder in Japan, a country that officially claims one of the lowest per capita homicide rates in the world.

"You can commit a perfect murder in Japan because the body is not likely to be examined," says Hiromasa Saikawa, a former member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police security and intelligence division. He says senior police officers are "obsessed with statistics because that's how you get promotions," and strive to reduce the number of criminal cases as much as possible to keep their almost perfect solution rate.
Knew a guy some years back who'd spent a lot of time in Japan; he said that a lot of crime doesn't get 'officially' reported because it was gang-on-gang, and as long as it didn't spill over into the honest-citizen population, the authorities didn't care and didn't want to know about it.  Looks like that attitude has spread to a lot more than gang crime.

Seems Obama wants to make sure people with guns are protecting HIS precious ass until the day he dies.  And his wife & kids, as well.

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