Friday, February 15, 2013

On a more earthbound note,

 Minnesota Democrats: "I'm not here, I can't hear you!" when information they don't like comes in.  Hope the video is back up soon.

From troops still over in A'stan, The Pirates of Pogadishu:
Due to the recent trip to the provinces, we had to pass through the space/time portal known as Bagram, which has been dubbed by some of those who operate outside the wire but have frequent brushes with it, “Pogadishu.” As many others have noted, it is a world separated from the war by a million miles of cultural and tactical vacuum. A rocket attack on the base in the recent past brought home to the denizens of this burgeoning city of tens of thousands that there is a war on… but on a daily basis you couldn’t tell it from Disney Drive. 

You can’t tell from the actions of those running the place, either.
Which reminds me of this:

Hey, Illinois, you elected this bastard.  And all his corrupt friends, and all the other corruption you've tolerated for decades.

This being Sweden, I'm waiting to hear that at least one member of the research team, realizing that he'd gone to school for twenty-plus years only to wind up at the pinnacle of his career standing in a lab getting fish high, went home and locked all the garage doors and left the Volvo running.

No, the founders could NEVER have imagined weapons capable of rapid fire.  Noooo...

How connected was the President while people were dying in Benghazi?  This much.

Damn.  I'd never heard of the Forage War before.

I shall now repair to the kitchen, where a pork shoulder is awaiting a trip to the oven, where it shall reside for the next few hours.

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