Tuesday, February 26, 2013

But ALL bad stuff is the Republicans/conservatives/libertarians fault. Uh huh.

Where Obama is cutting is telling. At least half of the savings will come out of Medicare Advantage, under which a full 28 percent of seniors buy privately managed health insurance that often includes added benefits such as vision and dental care or chronic-illness management.
But it's The Lightbringer doing it, so it doesn't count.

Pretty much

Another thought on the 'no hesitation' targets over at GFZ from Backwoods Engineer.(link fixed)

Give half a million, you've bought access to the White House; and yeah, if some conservative group had had this setup with Bush we'd be hearing about it from every media weenie out there.

A journalist AND his ombudsman admit "We don't know anything about these people, and we don't want to, but it doesn't stop us from 'reporting' on them.  In a highly-biased fashion."  Which kind of thing is where my category 'Reporters- sorry excuse for' came from.

Mr. Beretta, I hope you're not bluffing; and Oklahoma would be happy to have your whole business or some of the facilities come here.

Among the other problems with the No Fly List.


Bob S. said...


I think you have your commenters mixed up. Backwoods Engineer raised some great points but you replied to my comment.

Firehand said...

Fixed. Dammit, I hate doing that.