Sunday, February 24, 2013

Talked to a friend in Mustang a little earlier(west of OKC),

who had to stop by Wally World for something.  Checkout lady informed him it was a good thing he wasn't there for groceries:
Out of milk,
out of bread,
out of half-a-dozen other things.
My first thought: "It's Oklahoma in FEBRUARY, for God's sake; don't these idiots pay any attention to the weather* until the bloody day before?"


And, it being this part of the country, there's a severe thunderstorm watch down around Wichita Falls in Texas while there's a LIFE-THREATENING BLIZZARD/WINTER STORM warning north & west of here(we have only the WINTER STORM WARNING in this area).  Which would be illustrated below if the fookin' NWS illustration would allow you to save it.

Ah well.  I have a fresh bag of dog food, and most of a bottle of Scottish Holy Water, and a fair amount of food.  Plus other occasionally-useful-stuff.  Further reports to follow if the LIFE-THREATENING WINTER STORM!!! allows.

After I have a drink and some sleep.

*Yes, I know; it's still the generally somewhat-useful information available, though if that idiot on channel 4 starts screaming 'RECORD' or 'DEADLY!!' or whatever again, I may find him and throw him out a window.


Windy Wilson said...

Media defenistration would be a generally beneficial thing, even if we have to start with the TV weather guys (The woman on KTTV in Los Angeles gets a pass from me).

Anonymous said...

Yep, thats all it is....desensitization. They want everything to be the "worse thing possible". This is too soften you up for more government control.


Gerry N. said...

When you subject the ijit talking head to therapeutic defenestration be sure it's from at least a fourth floor window. Even higher would better. And onto a comfy concrete landing pad.

Gerry N.

skidmark said...

Food for beast and man, Scottish holy water, a carbon-generating source of heat, and good company all count for naught if you run out of TP! I know you are not going to sift through eleventy-teen inches of wet slush for a handful of soggy leaves at 10:15 (AM or PM - does not matter).

Prioritize, man!

stay safe.