Saturday, March 02, 2013

If you've got a friend who thinks his gun is safe,

tell him to think again:
“This is where shotgun shells go inside this tube here,” Brophy demonstrated. “You can screw this part off the top and screw on an extender to this tube to allow it to hold more than eight rounds. It is readily convertible, which by definition in the bill, makes the whole thing a high-capacity magazine…we just might not be able to legally purchase a pump shotgun or a semi-automatic shotgun.”

Think this was a WA-style 'mistake', or just them doing what they really want: trying to ban everything possible?


Anonymous said...

No doubt in my (retired) military mind - the hoplophobes are literally going to go after every single gun - don't forget 'diefi' (among many others) has been after them for over 2 decades.

Windy Wilson said...

As anonymous said. They were hoping that Sandy Hook Elementary would be their Dunblane, and everyone was well-trained enough to turn everything in, even if it didn't currently fall under their new ban, just because it was "for the children"

Yes, if you define "children" as those people in govenment who control or want to control everything.

Sandy Hook is the equivalent of some Government official wanting to pass laws to take my car because some drunk on Interstate 90 plowed into a bus full of school children, launching it over a cliff.