Monday, February 25, 2013

Well, tell you what, Mr. John Grebert:

Fuck you.  You and your Only Ones attitude.  You'd just love it for all honest people to be disarmed and dependent on you and the assholes like you, wouldn't you?
Because people in law enforcement deal with criminals every days, Grebert thinks they have, “a greater right” to weapons, “to deal with potentially violent situations.”
'A GREATER right'. 
Someone engrave Peel's Principles on a slab of granite and whack this asshole over the head with it.  Repeatedly.  'Cause that's the only way any of it will penetrate into the slime he calls his brain.

You'll also notice that he considers businesses refusing to sell to states run by gun bigots to be 'bullying'.  No, moron, it's people who care more about the Constitution than you seem to making a stand.

Difficult though that may be for you to understand.

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