Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some thoughts on the regressives and hoplophobes

The thing that pisses me off is that even die-hard progressives agree that a cop’s presence does in deed add a layer of ‘safety’ that didn’t exist before but they miss why that is. It’s not the cop, it’s the lethal force he or she represents. Not just the gun, that’s a tool, but the understanding that push comes to shove, there is a person there that will suffer no legal or moral ills should he dispatch an attacker to the hereafter. That’s a powerful message, and one that doesn’t require a cop to send.
I have to disagree with Robb here:
While I'm sure there are some who miss it, I think most fall into two categories.
One does not want to think about that fact, so they gloss over it.  They're the ones who have no problem calling the cops to protect them in time of trouble, but the rest of the time whine and moan about the evils of violence.  Or just try to block it out of mind, even refusing to consider 'what if' matters.

The second are not just gun bigots, they're force bigots: they don't like ANYONE other than a uniformed minion of the state being allowed to use force. Of any kind, but especially armed force. Oh, they'll overlook someone punching an attacker, or(probably) a woman grabbing something to hit a rapist with, but it's grudging: "You should not do that, you should wait for the Official People to show up.  Try running instead." 
But the idea of a teacher with a CCW permit carrying?  They crap their pants.  I'm sure a few actually have a genuine horror of the Halls of Academia being polluted by the presence of a weapon in the hands of a teacher, but the others?  That teacher is not a Uniformed Trained Official Minion, and thus cannot be trusted.  Even if they do stop a murderer(or rapist or anything else), it's bad: "You have traumatized the children!  You should be ashamed!" and so on.
And the REAL horror is that moral aspect Robb speaks of.  That sends them into conniptions: that someone not a UTOM be considered to have the legal and moral power to act?  They cannot stand that, in any way.  It erodes the authority of the State to be the only source of legal violence, and since they want to be in charge of the State...

I truly believe that some of them would rather see kids dead and crippled than see a teacher with a CCW permit stop the bad guy.

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Windy Wilson said...

And if someone not a UTOM is not there to stop a murderer or rapist, are the child not traumatized even more? Sometimes what these Leftists think is adequate analysis still amazes me.