Monday, February 25, 2013

Danny Westneat is either a credulous fool,

or a liar trying to cover for corrupt politicians.

This is about those WA legislators who not only want to ban anything possible, but want to toss the 4th Amendment out the window if you own a non-PC gun.  THREE TIMES they pushed bills with that crap in them, and every time "Golly gee, where did that come from?"
“Senator Kline flat-out lied to you,” read a typical email. “You are too naive to call yourself a journalist.”

Maybe so, but I still don’t think Kline lied. Because when the same bill came up in 2010, he also said then that he didn’t support the home inspections. 

“There’s no purpose in having that clause,” Kline said during a 2010 public hearing, agreeing with an NRA lobbyist who had called the police searches “a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment.” Kline pledged then to take the provision out of the bill.

Of course he didn’t — Kline co-sponsored it again this year with the same provision. I don’t blame anyone for doubting him. He has, after all, put in the same alleged mistake three times now. But it’s also true he’s on record opposing police inspections before.
The deputy chief of staff of the Senate Democrats, Jeff Reading, insists nobody in Olympia supports these police searches: “The provision is nutty,” he said. “And obviously unconstitutional.”
Ok, so if all these people don't like it and want nothing to do with it, why do they keep pushing this crap in bills?  According to the dirtbag politicians, it's the evil lobbyists!
So our bill was a cut-and-paste job. How can legislators keep introducing a bill they don’t support? Because not only are they sometimes not reading their bills. They aren’t writing them, either. Lobbyists are.
Westneat, if you actually buy that- at least after the first time(giving the possible point that the lazy careless bastards don't bother to read what they sign on to)- none of these clowns knew that was in there, you're too stupid to be off a leash and you're going to run into traffic.

They knew it was there, they want it there; they don't have the balls to admit it.
And you really should stop giving them cover.

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Titan Mk6B said...

It's living proof of the insanity axiom (doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result) because some day it just might sneak through.

See, liberalism is a mental disease.