Sunday, February 24, 2013

And what else would you expect from that arrogant fool?

The female questioner who prompted Joe Biden’s advice, in the course of a Facebook town hall on Tuesday, to “buy a shotgun,” called the vice president’s remarks “a little sexist” and described them as “the poorest advice he could give anyone.”

And Deity knows we can't 'unduly restrict' LE for any reason. Apparently including facts and truth.
According to testimony by a prosecution criminalist, the compound found in the man's blood doesn't impair the ability to drive but can remain detectable for four weeks.

…However, the Court of Appeals sided with prosecutors who appealed, saying that allowing the testing for marijuana's active compound would unduly restrict law enforcement.
Because it's FAR too much trouble to actually make sure someone is impaired before you throw them in a cell and impound their car and otherwise screw with their life.

What they really want.  The statist thugs who hide behind the word 'liberal'.

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