Friday, March 01, 2013

(2) Four cats, defying all laws of physics

and thermodynamics, can, on a daily basis, turn 36 ounces of basic sustenance into 16 pounds of poop. Outside of Congress, I've not seen a conversion quite like it.


Gerry N. said...

Speaking of (Haaaackkh, spit) Congress, Mark Twain wrote to the effect, "America does not have a indeginous criminal class, except Congress."

A room full of elected lying bastards, not one with a demonstrable concsience, many who, save immunity of office, are provable felons, all having repeatedly shown themselves to be utterly full of the vilest shit. Busily making laws to control us, not themselves.

What could possibly go wrong?


B said...

THose are my cats she is referring to.

She exxagerates.

Not more than 12 pounds