Friday, March 01, 2013

If you have a Caracal model C,

there may be a problem, and there's a recall.

In other news, I just listened to Obama explain how he's responsible for nothing, it's all somebody else's fault.
That by itself ought to get his ass thrown out of office, if he's that incompetent.


Roger Ritter said...

He's the anti-Truman. The buck stops anywhere but here.

Windy Wilson said...

Roger that, Roger.

Dang it! Now I have to go watch Airplane!

Windy Wilson said...

Oh, and how is it we can go from 8 years of Bush who was alternately responsible for everything from world peace to the ants in your kitchen, and so incompetent he couldn't manage world peace or keep the ants out of your kitchen without the evil assistance of the Devil Cheney, to Teh Won, who was used to being the smartest person in the room, who was a fast learner, who was deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize upon delivery of his inaugural address, and is able to end wars in far-off lands, but when he had a majority in both the House and the Senate he couldn't get but a single major nation-transforming bill passed?
Well, I'm beginning to understand, he hasn't had a budget since he got there, and a budget does indicate a focus of mind, so it's entirely likely he can't get @#$%^&* done.
What was the acronym? OIIOHH?
Obama Is In Over His Head.
Still is, even with being the smartest man in the room and being a fast learner.
Should have pulled a Cardinal Ratzinger when he had the chance to do it while the lickspittle lackeys of the press could still cover for him.