Monday, November 26, 2012

I'd say these people belong in jail,

but that's far too kind.
...So I asked him how he knew that and how he had registered and cast his vote. In halting, impeded speech he told me that the people who take care of him at the home filled out “the papers” to register him to vote, told him how Obama cared for him, even taught him the Obama chants, and then took him to the polling place to vote. They did the same for all of the mentally disabled patients in their care, approximately sixty in all.
Hanging, that's the ticket.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 21st Century. Vote fraud on a massive scale is the norm.

That sounds harsh, but it's an open secret that in the 2008 elections, ACORN produced at least twenty million absentee ballots from "Mr. Zig Zag" and "Mr. Crack Pipe," of no fixed address, with no Social Security numbers or any other proof of their existence. The Republican Party, shamelss, worthless, ball-less worms that they are, never made so much as a peep of protest.

There were Black Panthers with billy clubs at the polls threatening white voters, and doing it right in front of TV cameras. You can still find the videos on Youtube. Nobody, as far as I can determine, gave a damn.

The Democrats embraced Chicago-style electoral fraud decades ago. You probably remember the reports from the 1990 election--1990, 20+ years ago--that Democratic Party "volunteers" went into every psych-ward in Bellvue (one of the bigger nuthouses on Manhattan Island--not as big as City Hall, though) and cattle-prodded tens of thousands of mumbling doped-up crazies onto city buses, then herded them through the polls to put their hands on the lever with the big shiny "D" on it. Some intrepid news reporter happened to see this bizarre procession, and asked one of the crazies what was going on. The response was "Bowlin'! We goin' bowlin'" as his minder stepped into the booth with him to help him vote for Dinkins.

The ballot box is broken, my friend. It was broken before many of your readers were born. What is to be done now, the nature of our duty as citizens, can only be between each man and his conscience.

Firehand said...

And I know people who insist ACORN 'never did anything' or- tellingly- 'Was never convicted'.

Went through a nasty go-round with a friend who likes to insist 'You only care because it's Democrats accused!' Which caused a minor blowup for me, along the lines of "I don't give a God-damn what letter is after their name, if they're taking part in vote fraud I want their ass in jail!"

And I don't know what to do either; the fucking Stupid Party won't act, and the 'Justice' Department is a sick joke anymore.