Friday, November 30, 2012

I wonder if any of Obama's blame-takers and minions wonder what the wheels

will feel like when they go under the bus?

Dear Leader's position on the cliff: "Give me whatever I want, and I'll maybe talk to you about any cuts later."
If the Stupid Party accepts something like this, everyone involved should be dragged out of those taxpayer-supplied chairs.

Speaking of which, I keep hearing about how we're on the verge of going 'back into recession'; do these clowns just not want to say, or are they so frikkin' detached they don't know WE NEVER GOT OUT OF RECESSION?
Of course, these are largely the same people who keep saying inflation isn't a problem, so either they're lying or- again- so detached they don't actually pay for their own groceries and such.  'Cause if they did, they'd damn well know better.

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Windy Wilson said...

With regard to Dear Leader's demand for taxes now and cuts later: whether Dear Leader is a Muslim or a CINO (Christian in Name Only) or a Socialist or a Communist or a "Third Way Collectivist" (I leave it to the class to research what that refers to), without a doubt he negotiates like the Soviets. Virtually from the start when Lenin and Trotsky began, it was always a case of give me "this" now, and you get "that" later, and when the time to deliver "that" approached, some reason to renegotiate came up and "that" was reduced in some way.
Spending decreases 4 years or even two years out are akin to what Eddie Murphy referred to as "monkey points".
I don't know how to combat this, as tax increases in the teeth of a recession is like putting an 1812 military saddle on your racehorse just before the gate. The ignoramuses who voted belive that taxes can always come from someone else, so any attempt to save them from their idiocy will be reported by the news media as obstructionism.