Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh no, this isn't alarming

at all.

In other news, had a chance to shoot that Little Sharps again, and I've found only one problem with it: there's an odd tendency to start humming the theme to Quigley Down Under when you're shooting it...

I admit to a certain "If only it weren't made by Chiappa" sentiment, after that crap with the RFID chips a year or so back.  Yes, they apologized, etc.; it was still a seriously dumbass piece of work.


Gerry N. said...

Why wouldn't .357 be a decent deer caliber? What is the speed of the bullet from that barrel? How does that rifle handle hand loads with heavier bullets?

Firehand said...

I'd think it'd work nicely, especially from a rifle, 140-grain bullets or heavier. I seem to recall that with a rifle-length barrel you can get ~1800fps from the cartridge; with the right bullet, that'd take deer to at least 100 yards with no problem.

All he had along, ammunition-wise, was some 158-grain flatnose and some 158-grain semi-wadcutter, both probably about 1100-1200 in a 6" pistol, and it handled them nicely.

Anonymous said...

This year I tried a different deer load for my .357 Rossi carbine. I used 21 grains of W296 to push a 125-grain semi-jacked hollow point to just under 2000 fps. Sadly, I was not able to test it on an actual deer, but it's an accurate load in my gun.