Friday, November 30, 2012

Mr. Doak, I don't give a damn where the money came from,

you insisting that you need your own little SWAT team for friggin' insurance fraud is bullshit.

And indication you probably shouldn't be in that office.

Y'know, one of the giveaways is the five 2012 Dodge Chargers for $23,590 each and two 2013 Chevrolet Tahoes for $26,505 apiece, each outfitted with police packages that include stiffer suspensions and wiring for additional communications equipment.  Really?  You need cars with PURSUIT PACKAGES?

Thoughts added after a comment from Sigivald:
 Problem is, they're the Insurance Commission investigating fraud; all they NEED is four wheels and a motor to get them around, maybe a radio(although they've probably got issue cell phones).  A economobile would get better mileage, too.

Which brings up another question: if they're getting set-up-for-pursuit cop cars, are they planning on pursuits?  Really?  Have their investigators been to EVO school?  If not, well, the questions that pop up after that keep going downhill.


Sigivald said...

Well, on the "police package" thing, I wouldn't be surprised if it was cheaper/far easier to get pre-made "cop car" variants that include the (useful, proper) electronics and wiring packages and also include the suspension and engine mods, than to special order the former without the latter.

Those are great prices, after all - they're under invoice for a bare-bones Charger, according to Edmunds.

If it was my tax money going to those, I'd be happy to let them have the "pursuit package" if it was the cheaper way to get the cars. (Plus, hey, the suspension upgrades might also enhance long-term durability...)

Windy Wilson said...

Ehhh, Mall Ninjas apparently also come in Government issue varieties.

markm said...

Sigivald: Exactly how would the cop electronics and wiring packages be useful in an insurance fraud investigation? I'm thinking that a "hands off" cell phone and a laptop with auditing software and wireless connectivity would be much more useful than anything in the cop bag of tricks. (And so would a car that doesn't look like a cop car!)