Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great: another "We MUST do something!" demand

that will- again, and at best- result in another United Nations circle-jerk that will produce local-climate-altering quantities of hot air and (probably)spend a kiloton of OPM and produce nothing more than more demands that the Norks will ignore while demanding they be given more OPM.
And they'll most likely get it. Because the only thing the UN does better than send in brothel managers and child molesterspeacekeepers who don't keep the peace is giving away OPM.  Minus their cut, of course.

I'd like to remind Mr. Park that it was the UN, led by that celebrated-for-some-reason Kofi Annan, who HAD a chance to stop the Rwanda mass-murders, and didn't even try.  Hell, actively avoided doing anything*.  So just what does he think will be done to 'force' the Norks to start behaving like something other than Mongols with a bad hangover in a conquered city?

*This leaves out that when Dallaire said "Give me some more troops and authority to act and I can stop this", the UN yanked out most of the troops he did have and forbade him to do anything.

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