Sunday, October 28, 2012

Looks like parts of NYEffing City are going to get

a serious flushing, and yet Nanny Bloomberg has, as of last word, said "No evacuations ordered."  Which is something coming from the chief control freak of the northeast; I'm wondering why?  He that scared of people calling him names if the storm doesn't break as bad as predicted?  Borrowing from the link,
Let me be clear: I have literally no f***ing idea what Bloomberg is talking about. As closely as I’ve been following Sandy, I have not seen anyone else — literally not a single meteorologist or any other person — suggest that Sandy will produce a “slow pile up of water” rather than a typical “sudden” storm surge. On the contrary, AccuWeather’s Mike Smith writes:
“So it will be less dangerous.” We don’t know that to be the case. The latest barometric pressure associated with Sandy is 960 mb. It is forecast to drop to 937 mb when it is south of NYC (see posting below from 11:40pm CDT). With a pressure that low the winds and surge could be very comparable to a hurricane. It would be an all-time record low for the region, hurricane or not.
...Bloomberg’s idea of a uniquely slow drip-drip-drip surge doesn’t even make logical sense, and has no scientific basis that I’ve heard anyone articulate. Is he high? Has he lost is mind? I am simply stunned and baffled by this ignorant pronouncement, which will cause people to become complacent, and thus endanger lives.

IN some cases I'd say "Not my problem", except that Bloomberg will demand the rest of the country pay for the damages because
NYEffin'C is so damned important, and
Because His Highness says so.
Which makes it somewhat my problem.

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shortbus1836 said...

I prefer to think of him behind a Tony Mantegnaesque pile of super big gulps screaming out his window at the storm, pupils dilated from the sugar high.