Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ladd Everitt/CSGV Get Their Censorship On

Because when when they keep losing the argument, their next step it to try to shut up the other side.

Connected, from Hanson: Why liberals think what they do

About the dirtbags at TSA:
And there it is — stripped of pretense or dissembling, the core of the TSA's argument: shut the fuck up about us or terrorists will kill your family. 

Governments and government minions accrete power through fear. The TSA — like so many other agencies of post-9/11 American government — has been doing it for years; Farbstein just dumbed it down a bit more than they usually do.
 And it's necessary to molest your kid and feel you up and humiliate people in public to keep them safe...

Well, when you work with terrorists, you take the chance of them biting you; sucks, don't it, doc?
Based on the documents Dr. Best has submitted, the New Mexico court should probably issue a temporary restraining order against Marino. It appears that she has engaged in true threats, as opposed to mere rhetoric, and that she may pose a genuine physical danger to Dr. Best if she ever comes near him. The rule of law protects even those who scorn it. Just as freedom of expression protects the Phelpses and the Skokie Nazis who would ditch it in a heartbeat if they took power, laws against threats of violence protect even those who sneer at them, like Dr. Best.
But I can't see why anyone either inside our outside of the animal rights movement should ever take Dr. Steven Best seriously again. 

Edited to add: Commenter Dan Weber points out this revealing gem:
She has always talked about killing herself, and that she would "take someone out with her"; I now fear that person will not be a medical researcher/vivesector she loathes so intensely, but rather me.
Emphasis, and evidence of sociopathy, in original.
I probably should be bigger than this, but there's always something satisfying when a jerk like this has his tactics turned on him, and he squeals to the people he despises for protection.

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Anonymous said...

It's called "schadenfreude":


And in this case, it's entirely forgivable.