Thursday, November 01, 2012

I WAS going to do some other stuff today,

but about 2pm my internet went down.  So I called ATT, and spent a while with a woman who spoke english so-so, and had such an accent that what she did speak, well, I had to ask her to repeat a lot of things.

Anyway, my modem bit the big one.  The original had crapped out back in March, so the replacement was still under warranty.  Except she kept insisting "No, we have no record of you replacing the original, that is the one you are operating on," etc.  With repeats.  Despite my mentioning that I was holding the dated receipt in my hand.  And since I was on the original "It is out of warranty, you will have to buy a replacement," followed by something else because I gave up and hung up.  That ate up around half an hour, which was followed by going to a ATT store, where- once they got through the five people in line- they immediately replaced the modem.  Which is working as it should.

Hey, remember the posts on Penn Square Mall deciding to post "We don't want people who carry in our mall" signs?  Well, I never got a response.  Not from the Simon Group, not from the mall itself.  Today, in honor of Open Carry Day, I poked around and discovered something I should have checked on before: Penn Square has a Facebook page.  So I sent them a message there; let's see if they have the courtesy to answer.

And, if you're in central OK, you might post something yourself; maybe if several people ask they'll bother to answer someone.

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