Friday, November 02, 2012

My first open- carry day, and a Penn Square update

Riding down the road with a pistol openly on the hip(well, as open as a IWB holster and dark pistol is against a black shirt was a definite new experience; after all these years making sure it stayed out of sight, it was a bit nervous-making.

Also very nice; no wearing a cover shirt, or a jacket just to conceal it.

I think I like it.

Added: down the road a bit, I may have to see about getting a nice-looking holster from Evyl; he makes some nice stuff.

On Penn Square Mall, you might remember that yesterday I sent the question "Why do you not trust citizens with carry permits on your property?" to their Facebook page, since I got no answer to anything else;  as of now, no answer.  Be nice if they at least had the courtesy to say "Because we choose to do it that way."

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