Monday, October 29, 2012

I should note that son's dog made the acquaintance

of a white-striped booger cat last night.  As I learned from a somewhat frantic/pissed-off call from Dad.

Bad: Scared hell out of them, and the yard smells like- well, you ever smelled FRESH violently-dead skunk?
Good: not a mark on him, his shots are up to date, and he apparently hit the little bastard from the side, and so fast that it couldn't spray him.

Ah, the joys of the livestock...


Anonymous said...

LOL, I love them little critters, from a distance... Reminds me of Deer Lake when I was a kid, sleeping outside. To be fair, they will give you warning before they spray. They stamp their feet before they turn around and hose you. Advance at your own peril.

Porcupines are a different story. The dogs hate me when I grab the quills with needle nose pliers and yank, trying not to get bit. But they seem very relieved to have them out. The smallest quills are still working their way out for months afterward.

ignore amos

Gerry N. said...

Clip the tips of the quills and unscrew 'em as you pull 'em out just like a wood screw. The quills just have a longer helix. Eases the pain for the dog.

For skunk spray, Fels Naptha soap and tomato juice, the cheapest you can get, help some.

I think baby perfume kitties are just about the cutest things on God's earth. A buddy of mine had one for a pet until his idiot brother kicked it. That was when they found out it was still carrying. Apparently it had a high cap magazine as well.

It took thousands of dollars and months of time to get the smell out of the front room and used up 3/4 of his brother's college money. Tough love. Actions can have consequences.

Firehand said...

I've also heard to clip the back end off the quill, lets the air out so they don't expand when you grab them. Something I read, no personal experience(happily).

I've met a couple of people who wound up with one as a pet; descented them, and they flat loved them. Daughter still wants one, someday.

theedgeofreason said...

Killed 7 from when I lived outside of Clifton Texas. Was like a salmon breeding ground for skunks.

Day I graduated from TSU, one sprayed under the house. Try having a party when you can almost see it in the air inside.

10 months later, day before Thanksgiving, same story, we ended up at the in laws in the middle of the night.

I found what worked was a solution of bleach and water. about 2 tablespoons per gallon for dogs, as long as no sensitive areas such as eyes or repro organs. Good and strong for inanimate objects.

Tie a long rope on the trap and then drag it way out before opening fire.